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The New Era of High Speed Internet Access Is Here!!!

Are you tired of waiting for the telephone & cable companies to provide Internet service to your area?  Then wait no more, because IguanaNet is here today!  IguanaNet is a Wireless Broadband Internet connection that is “always-on” and ready to use whenever you need it.  IguanaNet’s wide variety of services allow you to surf the web from wherever it’s most convenient for you – and because IguanaNet is wireless our installations don’t require us to dig up your yard.  Now is the time to take part in the wireless revolution that is sweeping the world.

IguanaNet…Don't settle for less, Surf the Iguana...!!!

What is Wireless Broadband Internet?  Wireless Broadband is a new technology that uses hi-frequency radio waves instead of slow POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) lines to transmit data.  Wireless Broadband Internet is opening up whole new avenues onto the Internet – not only is the data transfer (download speed) much better than dial-up, but the technology can go anywhere you want it to go. No more wondering when DSL or cable service is coming to your neighborhood, - IguanaNet provides fast, reliable Internet service TODAY!


Get IguanaNet's residential service for $34.95 plus tax and installation if needed.