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      The New Era of High Speed Internet Access Is Here!!!  IguanaNet makes it easy for you to spend more time and less money on internet service. Increase your speed by calling IguanaNet today to get a free custom designed quote to meet your specific needs. 

    • ·      What is Wireless Broadband Internet? 

      What is Wireless Broadband Internet?  Wireless Broadband is a new technology that uses hi-frequency radio waves instead of standard phone lines or cable to transmit data.  Wireless Broadband Internet is opening up whole new avenues to provide broadband internet service to areas that until now were unable to benefit from the high-speed of broadband. – not only is the download speed much faster than dial-up, but the technology can go anywhere you want it to go. No more guessing when DSL or cable service is coming to your neighborhood, IguanaNet provides fast, reliable Internet service TODAY!