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Network Update: Notice of Change



We apologize on the delayed update. It has taken longer than any of us expected and every team member played a critical role in finally getting the network upgraded to the benchmark that IguanaNet,LLC wants to provide and all the equipment that had to be removed off of the towers. Management made a hard but necessary decision to move to LTE 5G/4G/3G over fixed wireless technology. The Fixed wireless and LTE 5G/4G/3G will be available in certain parts of the West County coverage areas effective 11.27.2019. The East part of our coverage area we will only be able to provide LTE coverage until future notice. There will be a mass email sent out next week with more detailed information including discounts, pricing and how the new LTE Technology works. The current areas that we have beta tested have been a huge success. Moving to LTE has broadened our coverage area and allowed us to reach customers that we were not able to provide service to before with fixed wireless. 

Thank you for your patience during this very difficult time.



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